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What Are the Friendliest Dog Breeds?

Are you and your family looking to bring a new pup into your home? With so many breeds out there, choosing the best dog for your family calls for a moment of reflection. There are a lot of factors to consider when bringing an animal into your life, and knowing the temperament of your future family pet is helpful before taking the plunge. 

Each dog breed is unique, and some are more easy-going and sociable than others. For instance, if you have kids, your breed of choice might differ from someone who lives independently. That’s why we’ve rounded up a list of some of the world’s friendliest dog breeds to make your decision an easy one. 

The Top 10 Friendliest Breeds

Domesticated thousands of years ago, there’s a reason why dogs were coined “Man’s Best Friend.” Consider what it is that you are looking for out of your dog. Are you looking for a hiking partner? A dog that will help “nanny” your kids? A dog that can accompany you to any outing or party happily? Depending on what it is that you want out of this companionship, there is likely a breed that fits the bill.

Read on to learn more about ten of our favorite breeds, each well-known for their friendly nature. 

1. Golden Retriever 

Quite possibly known as one of the friendliest dog breeds, Golden Retrievers are fantastic dogs. Happy-go-lucky and great with children, this popular dog breed aims to please and will give you and your loved ones unconditional love all day long. It’s no wonder these dogs are so popular they’re even able to socialize with other household pets. 

The Golden Retriever is a fun-loving dog that will bring a smile to your face daily. They love to play fetch, go on long walks, and watch their human siblings play soccer from the sidelines. They will always accept pets and cuddles. This breed is a working dog in nature — they are frequently seen working as guide dogs, water rescue team members, and hunting dogs.

This family-oriented breed will make it easy to fall in love with them. As long as you go over animal etiquette, they will gladly spend their days playing dress-up with your little ones! 

2. Pembroke Welsh Corgi

There’s a reason the Queen of England collects Corgis like she collects monochrome outfits. Tiny with larger-than-life personalities, Corgis are a dwarf breed with shortened legs. They are a family-friendly dog breed that needs lots of attention and love from people. One plus to this breed is that they tend to not bark very much, so you won’t have to worry about complaints from your neighbors. 

Now, it’s important to be prepared for their big personalities. As friendly as they are, they are stubborn little dogs who have a knack for defiance. Without guidance, your pooch may start calling the shots; after all, they were originally bred to be high-energy herding dogs.

If you dedicate your time to training, they can make excellent companions for your family… just don’t be surprised when they decide to stop walking midway across the crosswalk and you’re left carrying them home.

3. Pug 

Known for their frog-like faces and curly pig-like tails, Pugs are a popular dog for families with young children. Pugs are an endless source of entertainment, so get ready to laugh. Couch potatoes by nature; they make excellent lap dogs and are able to hang out all day.

This companion dog is known for their personability, with a goofy little smile plastered on their faces most of the time. The pug is a large dog in a small body type of situation.The only downside to this breed is their health problems. Because of their flat noses, Pugs have a hard time breathing. But if you prefer Netflix marathons to actual marathons, a Pug might be the perfect small dog for you and your family.

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4. Labrador Retriever 

Loyal as they come, Labs are the ultimate go-to for any new dog parent. Always positive and down for whatever, your Labrador Retriever will be your new best friend. Bred to be companions, Labs are well-known for their loving personalities and gentle demeanor. This friendly breed is super athletic and is always ready to hit the trails or join you on your camping adventures. 

You can recognize a Lab by their intense wiggle as they run to greet you, their need to lick every surface of your body, and the big smile that they seem to never get rid of. These dogs might give the happiest greetings of all breeds. If you go to the bathroom and come out, it’s like you are a new person to them, and you deserve the best “hello.” 

Labrador Retrievers are extremely excited and happy dogs, so make sure that you work on calming down and finding their zen — otherwise, you’ll find yourself pulling them off of unsuspecting guests as your lab tries to jump up and give them a big ol’ kiss. When they get a lot of exercise during the day, they are more than happy to snuggle up and chill.

5. Boxer

Although typically thought of as aloof and distant because of their stature, Boxers are considered one of the sweetest breeds. They are eager to meet new people and show them some love.

These big-eyed, droopy-lipped dogs just want to be your friend. However, Boxers can get too overexcited and jump on new friends, pushing them to the ground. For this reason, it’s a good idea to start training your Boxer from an early age. 

Boxers have a lot of energy. It’s vital that they get enough exercise so that when it’s time to relax, they are more than willing.

Playing fetch and working on learning new commands is one way to focus their energy, but they love to be the center of attention. Come playtime, and the whole family can watch this natural clown in their true element.

6. Collie 

Collies aren’t just famous in the movies — they also make an amazing family dog. They are a beautiful and intelligent dog breed with soft long coats. Lassie made this breed a favorite in the United States. Collies were originally bred as herding dogs and are known to stick by their owners with fierce loyalty. They do tend to have a lot of energy, so make sure you and your family are prepared for a lot of outdoor time before bringing this breed home. 

These dogs thrive when they have a task to complete. This is one way to involve them with your family. You can bring them to the park, on hikes, to the playground, or camping, and they will keep an eye on the kids. They are great at alerting you when they feel necessary, giving you a sense of ease when out and about with the family.

7. Poodle 

Do you want a dog but suffer from allergies? A poodle might be the best dog breed for you. A favorite among people with dander sensitivity, poodles come in a range of three sizes and are one of the friendlier breeds out there. Another positive factor of owning a standard poodle is that these types of dogs don’t shed, so you won’t have to constantly worry about vacuuming. 

Poodles are very intelligent and love to impress their owners. This means they will want to spend hours by your side, learning new tricks and showing off for treats. You will find a best friend in a poodle, no matter what size!

8. Boston Terrier 

Bite-sized and packed with energy, Boston Terriers have a ton of personality and are a favorite among people of all ages. This breed is extremely playful and will make you laugh with their goofy antics. Keep in mind that Boston Terriers can become so attached to their owners that they develop separation anxiety. For this reason, it’s essential to establish boundaries with your new Boston Terrier puppy. 

If you are someone looking to add a sidekick to your family, this small dog breed is a perfect option. They are easily adaptable and can do well in a variety of settings. They don’t need a large yard, but they still love a good game of tug-of-war. They might give you some crazy eyes before doing zoomies around your living room, and they will keep you entertained.

9. Border Collie 

The original sheepdog, Border Collies, are famous all over the world. They are one of the easiest dogs to train and are very energetic. These dogs are also agile and fiercely loyal to their owners.

The one downside to this breed is their boundless energy and constant need to exercise. Because of this, they don’t make fantastic dogs for people without backyards or space for them to run around.

These dogs focus their energy into the things they love but might be a tad wary about strangers and new experiences. They will shower their families with love and loyalty but might be a bit more reserved around people they don’t know.

First-time Border Collie parents should be aware this breed requires constant mental stimulation and engagement. Dog sports and training competitions are where this doggy genius shines.

Once they warm up to strangers, they will be just as affectionate as they are with you. If you want a dog that is dedicated to you and a bit more watchful, the Border Collie is a great option.

10. Great Dane 

Due to their size, Great Danes come off as intimidating, but that couldn’t be further from the truth — they’re gentle giants. As loving as dog breeds come, this breed will capture your heart. Great Danes are protective and loyal to their families and are particularly tender with young children. 

Great Danes will surprise you with their gentle nature, but you’ll become accustomed to how wonderful of a pet they can be. These dogs also don’t require too much exercise because they are much happier lying on the couch or in the sun. You might need to buy an entirely new couch to accommodate this large and chill pet!

What’s the Deal With Pitbulls?

The term “Pitbull” is often used as an umbrella term in the United States to describe a certain breed of dog that comes from the Terrier line: the American Pitbull Terrier, American Bully, American BullDog, and Staffordshire Bull Terriers. Pitbulls have gotten a bad reputation over the years due to their perceived aggression. Because of this stereotype, people tend to avoid this breed of dog. 

There are differing opinions on whether Pitbulls are unfriendly by nature or are raised to be aggressive guard dogs. Like with all breed types, how you raise and treat an animal will impact their personality.

Pitbulls are known to be friendly dogs when they are cared for properly. They are loyal to their families and seriously love a good cuddle. In fact, in the early 1900s, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier was called a “nanny dog and loved by many (including notables like Helen Keller and Theodore Roosevelt).

Due to the controversy, many people shy away from pits, although, in recent years, they have become a more popular dog choice. These dogs aren’t for everyone — they are strong and energetic dogs, but if you have the time and commitment towards breaking down stereotypes and giving your Pitbull a beautiful life, you’ll be amazed at how much love they have to give. 

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