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AskVet 360° Pet Care

Unleash real customer care by combining your brand data with 1.5 million vet-tested insights to become the center of their pet journey.


Your brand with the first mover AI data advantage–without spending the time and money to develop AI technology from scratch. Quickly go viral as pet parents promote your compelling experience.

Virtual Solutions


AI + Human Customer Care

Level 1 AI support resolves 60% of customer care questions without involving humans.  Level 2 connects to AskVet 24/7 veterinary professionals or your own brand experts

Virtual Wellness Programs

Become the center of the pet parent journey with a customized white label pet wellness solution. Monetize pet behavior, nutrition and 24/7 support with monthly subscriptions

Advanced Virtual 360° Care for Brands and their Customers


Happy Pet Parents

See how 360° Pet Care is providing a personalized experience, at scale.

With AskVet, your brand will...

Become the center of the pet parenting experience as you provide personalized answers that only your brand can deliver.

Become the one-stop for pet parents

Answer everything from basic questions all the way to breed-specific and problem cases with ease. Give immediate, authoritative, brand-informed answers to customer questions.

Build partner referrals

Equip partners to become experts that refer the right product from your brand.

Increase sales

Create consumer trust and reliance that leads to an increase in sales. The right upsell options lead to an expanded share of wallet.

Get a productized solution

Skip the technology development process while you augment your protected data with 1.5 million vet insights and live vet support.

Enjoy expanded offerings

Garner revenue share on pet lifestyle and wellness monthly subscriptions.

Build stronger loyalty

Your brand becomes the trusted source of answers for customers and channel partners.

Monetize your data

Virtual customer care that delivers real value creates sticky customers and partners, while fostering a direct relationship with the consumer.

Make your brand the center of the pet parent experience

Data + AI + 24/7 support drive increased revenue, customer satisfaction, and differentiation.

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