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The Next Generation of Pet Wellness

AskVet is the #1 digital resource for today’s pet parents. We offer a modern approach to pet health and wellness that is easy, convenient, and affordable.

Dog bath

The pet lovers at AskVet know each pet and their parent is unique.

That’s why we created a customized experience with expert support each step of the way. We empower pet parents to address their pets’ needs confidently. That way, they can enjoy parenthood to the fullest.

How Can I Join AskVet?

t’s easy!  Just click on Join Now. We’ll ask a few questions about you and your pet.  Then you are ready to go.  You can chat with a vet 24/7, schedule with a trainer or pet coach and get your FREE One Pet ID.

Our Team

Cal Lai, CEO & President

Serial Entrepreneur—started 1st company at 25

Built the world’s first commercial ecommerce website—

Lost 200 lbs. using self-designed wellness plan

Avid cook, boxer, & body builder

Pamela Seavey, Chief Operating Officer

Successfully operated multiple ecommerce businesses

Directed a TV newscast for 2 years

Likes to break a sweat on the ballroom dance floor

Always thinking about my next meal

Dave Kearney

Dave Kearney, CTO

Founder, CEO, & CTO of successful tech startups for 24 years

Software Engineer with 30+ years'

Executive technology leader for multiple startups

Father of four, lives in Napa with my wife, 2 dogs, and 7 chickens

Laura Berg

Laura Berg, Chief Marketing Officer

Ran Global Branding for top 3 PC company with $2B exit

Grew tech company sales from $100M to $1B

Bookworm with a love of Science Fiction

Softball mom, volunteer, and BBQ taster

Dr. Crissy Allstott, Chief Veterinary Officer

Managed multiple hospitals as lead veterinarian

Early leader of clinical telehealth implementation

Making homemade ravioli is my specialty

Hobbies include reading, cooking, and gardening