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One Pet ID

At AskVet, we're streamlining the search and rescue process—because no pet parent should struggle to find their cat or dog.

One Pet ID is a QR code scannable tag with pet finder service that is included with every AskVet membership.

What Makes One Pet ID Different?

• Lost pet's tag is scannable by any smart phone.

• Triggers "Pet Found" alerts to your phone.

• Removes the need to read a microchip.

• Stores your pet's secure profile.

• One Pet ID pet finder service is free for the life of your pet.

Get Started in 3 Easy Steps

Signing up for an AskVet Membership?  We’ll mail you your One Pet ID automatically! No further action needed.

About One Pet ID

One in every three pets will go missing sometime during their lifetime—frightening for both pets and their parents! We developed One Pet ID to help in the event this happens to you. One Pet ID advanced QR code technology simplifies the search and rescue process to ensure you are reunited with your pet quickly and safely—and is FREE for the life of your pet.

AskVet's mission is to help you and your furry family live joyful, safe, healthy, and long lives together, and One Pet ID's free finder pet service is just one of the many ways we are here for you.

Protect your pet and get the peace of mind you both deserve.

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