One Pet ID FAQs

What is One Pet ID?

One Pet ID is a free pet finder service offered by AskVet, meant to help pets connect back to their pet parents in a safe and secure way, and serve as a way for others to know your pet better, even when you’re not there to tell them.

With the AskVet One Pet ID Tag, you will receive phone notifications, text messages, emails, and/or calls directly from our team to ensure you are made aware if your pet is found.

How do I get a One Pet ID?

All new AskVet members will receive a One Pet ID in mail within the first month of their subscription.

If you have additional pets or would like to order more within your AskVet account or simply click here and complete the form. 

How much does it cost?

Not a thing! The tags are provided free of charge, and we ship them to you for free. There’s no catch. As a premier service provider in the pet industry, we feel it’s our duty to give back to the community we support.

We have worked hard to create this program in a way that costs us very little. By providing you this service for free, we hope to earn your trust. If you find value in our premium services, you can subscribe to them and help us keep doing good work for the pet and pet parent community.

When I receive my One Pet ID in the mail, what do I do with it?

  1. Once you have your One Pet ID in hand, open your app and choose the pet you would like to register the tag to.
  2. Choose the ‘Set up Tag’, and then choose ‘Scan’. Place the QR code on the tag up to the camera on your device. The app will scan and upload the tag, attaching it to your pet’s profile in the app.
  3. Click Continue
  4. Click ‘Pet Notes’ to fill out more detail about your furry friend.
  5. You can choose from 3 types of Notes:
    1. Helpful Tips: You might want to share details about ways to keep them calm, what toys they enjoy the most, if they come running at the sound of a treat bag, etc.
    2. Warning: Please include details here around what anyone will need to be aware of with your pet. Are they not friendly with kids? Nervous around other pets? These are helpful to know for someone who may find your pet.
    3. Medical Condition: If there are pertinent details about your pet’s medical status, it will be good to put that info here.
  6.  You’re all set! Feel free to test out the system to ensure that you are appropriately alerted.

If you have any issues, you can reach out to us any time at [email protected]

Does each pet need a different tag?

Yes! Your pet’s description, picture, and details are shown to someone who might find your pet if they happen to slip away from you unnoticed, so it is very important that their info matches up!

How do I order another tag for my other pets?

What happens if my pet loses the tag?

No worries! It happens! Just click here to complete the order form and we will get you all set up with another tag!

How do I stop using the tag for my pet?

In your pet’s profile, choose ‘Manage Tags’, click on the tag you’d like to deactivate, and then click ‘Deactivate’.

How will I be alerted if someone finds my pet?

Any time the QR code on your pet’s tag is scanned, you will receive a push notification on your phone. You will also receive a text message and a phone call. We will alert you in every way we can to let you know that your pet’s tag has been scanned.

How do I tell you that my pet is lost?

From your pet’s profile, under their Pet ID Tag, click ‘Report (Pet’s Name) Missing’. From here it will let our team know that your pet is missing, so in the event that we hear from someone, we can alert you right away.

Does the person who found my pet have access to my personal information?

Absolutely not! Your privacy is our greatest concern. We only share the pet’s city, state, and zip code. We do share the Pet Finders information with you, so you can reach out to them quickly.

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