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AskVet One Pet ID

Find Your Lost Pet with One Pet ID

One Pet ID  a FREE  pet finder solution that helps pet parents recover their lost pets easily, quickly and safely.  One in every three pets will go missing during their lifetime.  AskVet developed One Pet ID to help in the event this happens.  One Pet ID advanced technology and secure comprehensive database simplifies the search and rescue process to give pet parents the help they need during a lost pet crisis.

“We wanted to make One Pet ID free because we believe that affordability should not stand in the way of pet parents gaining peace of mind by knowing that their lost pets will be returned without the costs or complexity of other pet finder products,” said Cal Lai, Founder and CEO of AskVet.

What’s included with the One Pet ID Tag?

  • Lost pet’s tag is scannable by any smartphone
  • Triggers “Pet Found” alerts to your phone
  • Removes the hassle for the pet finder of taking a pet to the vet to get a chip scanned
  • Stores your pet’s secure profile
  • One Pet ID service is free for the life of your pet

How One Pet ID works:

Pet parents register their One Pet ID with the easy steps below:

Step 1: Scan the QR code on the back of the tag with a smartphone

Step 2: Complete the secure pet profile on the AskVet app

Step 3: Input critical information about the pet (allergies, medications, behavior issues, etc.) so that anyone who finds your pet can take appropriate action if your pet has a medical condition or special needs.

Step 4: Attach the One Pet ID tag to the pet’s collar

Who is AskVet?

AskVet is the world’s leader in pet wellness and lifestyle management.  AskVet’s 360° Pet Care solution is a comprehensive approach to pet wellness with 1:1 guidance that targets the individual needs of pets and their parents.  Our Certified Pet Lifestyle Experts (CPLEs) provide evaluations and care plans that include advice, product, and lifestyle recommendations in the areas of behavior, nutrition, exercise & play, emotional wellness, environmental factors, and preventative care.

“We believe that lifestyle drives health outcomes. The secret sauce to the AskVet lifestyle management platform are the data, AI (Artificial Intelligence), and veterinarian-designed 360° Pet Lifestyle Plans that help pet parents manage numerous daily decisions that make up a pet’s healthy lifestyle,” said Dr. Crissy Allstott, AskVet Sr. Vice President of Veterinary Medicine. “Your pet’s health is not static, so AskVet’s 360° Pet Care mobile and web solution provides lifestyle coaching and plans that evolve to meet a dog or cat’s specific needs based on medical conditions, environment, breed, and stage of life.”

Order Your FREE One Pet ID Today

One Pet ID from AskVet is free and is included in every AskVet membership.  To learn more or to request a One Pet ID, go to


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