Are You Prioritizing Your Pet’s Wellness?

Almost half of pet owners refer to their BFF (best furry friend) as their “baby”—we know we do! So it should come as no surprise that pet parents often worry about keeping their fur babies safe and healthy, according to new research. You’re responsible for another living being after all! A survey of 2,000 cat and dog owners showed that along with these anxieties, pet ownership also piles on the expenses, much like having a child would.

Conducted by OnePoll on behalf of AskVet, the survey highlights just how important it is to have veterinary resources that are not only trusted but can help proactively guide pet parents to make healthy lifestyle choices for their furry family members. While 90% of pet parents trust their veterinarian, almost a quarter of pet parents do not schedule appointments for vet wellness visits and resort to online research.

That’s where AskVet’s personalized approach to pet care changes the game. No appointments, no wait time, no unreliable internet searches—just answers and support from your Care Sqaud and experts and licensed vets whenever you need it.