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Pet Insurance You Can Afford – Bivvy!

We know you take pet parenting seriously and giving your furry sidekick a healthy lifestyle is top priority. But raising a living being can be hard and expensive.  AskVet has your back with preventive care, wellness coaching and financial support during emergencies to help offset those costs—but for many families additional coverage for accidents and illnesses can provide serious peace of mind. If pet insurance is something your family is considering we can’t howl Bivvy’s praises enough.

Bivvy stands out from the pack because they offer affordable, right-sized pet insurance for any dog or cat. What does that mean? You don’t need to stress about your Great Dane that happens to be the size of your couch or your kitty you’ve had since—well maybe you don’t want to age yourself! Bivvy doesn’t charge more due to age, breed, or size. Your pet is your pet and Bivvy will cover you at the same affordable price.

Equally as purr worthy—Bivvy insurance allows you to go to any licensed vet—anywhere. Keep the vet your family loves and skip the hassle of vet networks.

Did we even mention your plan will cost less than a dollar a day?! This affordable price really pays off when an illness or emergency strikes. In select states, Bivvy is also offering wellness care as an add on—something you know we are huge supporters of!

So if your fur fam is thinking about pet insurance—give Bivvy a look. You can sign up in two minutes or less and kick your paws up knowing you have some added security.

And as always—your Care Squad here at AskVet is standing by for you 24/7 ready to to guide your fur family with healthy habits, tips, and answers.

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