Your Virtual Veterinary Support System

Our platform is designed to provide pet owners with quick and easy access to veterinary experts. No more waiting for appointments or rushing to the clinic, AskVet is available 24/7/365 for all your pet’s health needs.

You Have Questions

My vet is closed and my pet has a problem. What should I do?”

“Does my pet need ER care?”

“I have a question for my vet, but am unable to get through the phone lines.”

“I can’t get a vet appointment for days or even weeks! What can I do while I’m waiting?”

We Have Solutions

What conditions can we help you with?

We can advise, educate, and direct you on next best steps toward many health concerns such as

… and many other issues and matters requiring professional veterinary expertise.

No extra charges or fees

Online Vet Chat is included with an AskVet membership. There's no extra charge for chatting.

Just login and click on 24/7 Vet Chat to get started

Easy to connect from either the AskVet app or web login. Just tap the 24/7 Vet Chat button and you’ll be connected in no time to a veterinary expert.

Share your photos or short videos

Help us get a better understanding of your pet’s issues by easily uploading photographs or short video clips directly in the chat screen!

Save Money

Between scheduling an appointment, waiting to be seen, and receiving a diagnosis, taking your pet to the vet can turn into an hours-long ordeal. That’s time that could be spent letting your pet rest at home. With AskVet’s 24-hour online vet chat, there’s no waiting. Dedicated professionals are available as soon as you need answers, with no appointment necessary.

Save Time

An emergency vet trip to an animal hospital can leave a hole in your wallet. Before rushing to the ER, chat with a professional to determine if the red flags you’re noticing are real emergencies or just par for the puppy course. You can get answers to all your pet questions and concerns before dropping hundreds of dollars at veterinary clinics.

Stress Less

Like any pet parent, uncertainty around the health of your (fur) baby can lead to anxiety and stress. Not to mention the added stress and anxiety of wondering how you’ll pay for a potentially expensive vet visit. But with AskVet, you can breathe easy knowing you’re receiving expert medical advice and personalized veterinary guidance.

Frequently Asked Questions:

The AskVet veterinary team can address a wide range of topics, including health, behavior, nutrition, injuries, general petcare and wellness.

An AskVet membership is $9.99/mo and unlimited chats are included.

Live chat vet access is available 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
No we are unable to write prescriptions.
US and Canada residents with an active AskVet membership
We can help every pet except zoo animals.
Are vet team can absolutely help, a membership includes 1:1 access to pet trainers and coaches who can also work with you to solve any behaviors or issues.

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