Rainy Day Fund FAQs

What is the AskVet Rainy Day Fund?

Rainy Day Fund is a benefit of your AskVet membership that provides financial relief from unexpected emergency vet visits. Every month of your active membership, $45 is added to your Rainy Day Fund, with a cap of $1,000. If you use your funds for an emergency, no worries! We will keep adding $45 each month until your fund hits $1,000 again. You can use any portion of your Rainy Day Fund for any of your pets with an AskVet profile, with no deductible or copay. You must chat with an AskVet veterinarian and get approval in order to use your Rainy Day Fund to pay for an ER visit.

Upon membership, we will add $45 to your Rainy Day Fund. There is a 7-day waiting period until you can access the funds. Every month thereafter, we will add $45 as long as you continue your AskVet membership. Unexpected pet emergencies are scary and expensive. The AskVet Rainy Day Fund lets you rest a little easier.

What do I do if my pet has an emergency?

If you suspect an emergency, you MUST follow the below steps:

1. Login to the AskVet app, choose your pet, and select ‘Connect with Care Squad’. Enter the information about your concern, attach any relevant images or videos, and choose ‘Live Chat’.

2. When you chat with the AskVet veterinarian, they will determine if an ER visit is required. It is at the discretion of our vets to decide if your pet needs immediate care and qualifies for the Rainy Day Fund. Each situation is unique, and determining the urgency depends heavily on condition, breed, age, weight and other factors. You must get approval from an AskVet veterinarian PRIOR to admitting your pet into the Emergency clinic if you want to use your Rainy Day Fund.

3. After the vet confirms that an ER visit is needed, you must check into an emergency clinic within 10 hours to access your Rainy Day Fund. You can go to any vet clinic of your choice, as long as the clinic can handle your type of emergency. It does not have to be a dedicated ER Hospital.

4. At the ER clinic, check your pet in for care as normal.

5. When the visit is complete, ask the clinic front desk staff to call the toll-free AskVet RDF Helpline (855-427-5838), available 24/7, to confirm your eligibility and review the charges. Upon review and approval, AskVet will provide payment directly to the clinic in the amount of your Rainy Day Fund balance, or the available amount you request – up to $1,000. You can access the AskVet RDF Helpline at any time from your Rainy Day Fund button in the app menu.

Please note – you must have an active live chat with an AskVet veterinarian, who gave direction to visit an emergency clinic, prior to visiting the ER clinic in order to access your Rainy Day Fund. We cannot provide payment for your ER bill unless you have consulted with an AskVet veterinarian and they have determined you need an emergency vet visit.

What counts as an emergency?

Our vets will help determine if an ER visit is in order during your chat.

Examples of Situations Covered By Rainy Day Fund

  • Difficulty breathing or choking on a foreign object
  • Hit by a car or other acute trauma Animal attack/bite
  • Severe internal or external injury
  • Poisoning

Examples of Situations Not Covered by Rainy Day Fund

  • Regular vet check-ups
  • Wellness visits
  • Scheduled appointments for sick pets
  • Vaccines and standard procedures
  • Scheduled surgeries

These are just sample lists. Each emergency is assessed individually by our AskVet veterinarians.

Is there a waiting period before I can use my Rainy Day Fund?

There is a 7-day waiting period before you can use your Rainy Day Fund for emergency vet visits. You can check your app to see when your Rainy Day Fund is activated.

How do I know the balance of my Rainy Day Fund?

You can check your Rainy Day Fund balance anytime in the AskVet app. You will see it grow monthly as you maintain your membership.

If I cancel my membership, will I still have access to my Rainy Day Fund?

On the date your membership goes inactive, your Rainy Day Fund balance becomes inaccessible. However, we know things happen, so we give you a seven-day grace period to reclaim it by renewing your subscription. Once your subscription is activated within the grace period, you will have immediate access to your balance. If you haven’t renewed your subscription within the grace period, the Rainy Day Fund balance associated with your membership will expire. Rainy Day Fund has no cash equivalent and cannot be cashed out upon expiration. Rainy Day Fund has no cash equivalent and cannot be cashed out upon expiration.