Pet Care and COVID-19

Pet Care and COVID-19

Pet Care and COVID-19


We’re living through a very challenging time…a time when millions of pet owners and veterinary practices are struggling to balance the needs of their families, pets and businesses.

With the many directives we are receiving due to COVID-19 – social distance, self-quarantine, isolation, shelter-in- place – one thing is clear: the usual flow of animal health care has been disrupted and its impact will certainly resonate well into the future. We want to share some tips for how to best manage your own health and that of your pets.

Utilize Virtual Triage

MyPetDoc powered by Ask.Vet is here for you 24/7. We can help determine if you have an emergency and must go to a pet hospital or if the situation can be managed from home. This will help you make the best decisions for your pets and family while we weather the coronavirus.

Online Prescriptions and Pet Food

During the COVID-19 crisis, federal and state rules regarding virtual prescriptions for pets have been loosened.  Your MyPetDoc virtual veterinarians can now help you renew and fulfill pet medicine and prescription pet foods.  No need to venture out when you are sheltering at home and avoiding exposure to coronavirus.

Take That Walk

With Covid-19 forcing so many people to work from home, don’t forget you can still take your dog out for a nice long walk.  It’s good for you and your pet too!  Play fetch and enjoy your pet’s company.  It’s a great way to releive the stress of difficult times.