Online Vet Advice: The Right Way to Trim your Cat’s Nail

Online Vet Advice: The Right Way to Trim your Cat’s Nail

Online Vet Advice: The Right Way to Trim your Cat’s Nail


Cat owners are all too familiar with the havoc that comes with sharp cat nails. Ruined furniture and scratched limbs are quite the norm at houses with cats. To save their property and skin, owners trim their pet’s nails. A job that may be easier said than done. Some online Vet Advice will help you get through it.

In the old days many people would declaw their cats. This is mostly frowned upon due to it’s inhumanity. Declawing was also not found to be beneficial to either the pet or their owner. Trimming your cat’s nails is a much better option and is recommended by vets.

You can trim your cat’s nails at home or go to a pet grooming salon. Because the latter can be costly, some owners do it themselves. The issue is that cats react very differently to the process. Some cats remain calm and don’t cause any trouble while trimming, while others won’t sit still and balk at the sight of nail clippers.

Online Vet Advice #1: Familiarize them with the clipper

You don’t want your cat to get agitated at the sight of nail clippers. Cut a few pieces of uncooked spaghetti in front of them so that they get used to the sound. It’s a great way to get him or her inquisitive in a positive way. Give them a treat every time you cut the spaghetti. When it comes time to actually cut their nails, repeat the same technique by giving them a treat afterwards, this will ensure positive reinforcement.

Online Vet Advice #2: Don’t cut into the Quick

The quick is the non-white area of your cat’s nails. The pinkish-red area is where the blood vessels are, so stay well away from them. Cutting into the quick can cause bleeding and pain. Only cut into the white area and cut less rather than more. If you do cut the quick, cats won’t forget. The trauma will extend to the next time you pull out those clippers and your pet will be in hiding. So be extra careful.

Online Vet Advice #3: Gently press the paw to extend a nail

Cat’s nails naturally retract into their paw when they’re resting. You can coax them out by massaging your cat’s paws and applying quick gentle pressure on each toe. Do it every other day, so your cat gets used to the process.