5 Tips On Caring For Your Sick Dog – Online Vet Help

5 Tips On Caring For Your Sick Dog - Online Vet Help

5 Tips On Caring For Your Sick Dog – Online Vet Help

It can be pretty tough for a pet owner who has a sick dog. They may feel useless wishing they could do something but be at a complete loss. There’s nothing worse than having to see sad sick puppy eyes desperately looking up at you.

After visiting your vet, the best thing a pet owner can do when dealing with your sick dog is exercising patience. Often, you simply have to wait for the therapy plan to work its magic. The next best thing to do is to make your pet as comfortable as possible. These 5 tips will guide you through the best way to care for your sick dog.

Caring For A Sick Dog Tip 1 – Feed Them Bland Food

Don’t give your pet foods that can disturb their digestive system or be difficult to digest. Stick to a bland diet of rice and unseasoned boiled chicken. At all costs avoid fatty meats, especially beef. Beef is the most common protein in pet food and therefore is often seen as a food allergen in dogs If you know your pet has issues with that protein do not feed it to them while they are sick.

Caring For A Sick Dog Tip 2 -Keep Them Hydrated

It’s really important that your dog drinks plenty of liquids. Depending on the illness they are battling, they may be losing a lot fluids, so you’ll need to be sure they are drinking to replace it. Place a water bowl near them encouraging them to drink as often as they can. If they have a favorite drink, give it to them as much as possible. Clear pedialyte is a great one! Another fun addition to the water bowl is ice cubes – this attracts attention to the bowl and helps to encourage drinking.

Caring For A Sick Dog Tip 3 -Track Symptoms

Keep a log book of any strange behavior exhibited by your pet. Of course, your dog can’t speak to you so it’s your job to understand his symptoms. Be perceptive of any changes in their behavior and habits towards food in particular. Trust your instincts – seldom is a detail too small to matter!!

Caring For A Sick Dog Tip 4 -Don’t Forget Their Medication

During your busy day, it can be easy to forget when you need to get your pup his medication. Try setting alarms on your phone to remind for reminders. You also may want to stick a checklist to your fridge that tracks every dosage you’ve given them and when you started a particular medicine. If your dog is being difficult and refusing to take their medicine, try pill pockets! They turn the pets perception of getting medication into getting a treat. If you are still having an issue, call a vet who will visit your home for more help. It may be beneficial to ask for a compounded form of the medication prescribed, this can sometimes hide bad flavors and change a pill into a liquid!

Caring For A Sick Dog Tip 5 – Give Attention

When your dog is sick they will obviously seem and act miserable. Give them more attention than normal. Make them feel comfortable with blankets, treats and calling out to them often. If you’re going out, ask someone else to check in on them frequently.